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Mirror (2019)

Valladolid (Spain)

Digital film

Image 1. Still from Mirror.

Mirror is a film of lyrical fiction based in a tuberculosis hospital in Valladolid, a place of  interest for local youth, Instagrammers and para-psicology enthusiasts. As a mid-twentieth century construction from the Francoist era, this hospital is one of the many architectures left behind to crumble and disappear under weeds. This short piece reflects ironically on these contemporary uses of the building while attempting to put together other narratives around the place.

Orientation-Induction-Launch (2018)

Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Web-series curated by Débora Levy

With the collaboration of Valerie Taejeong Lee Jung

The project includes prints, artifacts for physical displays and an interactive music session.

Image 2. Valerie Taejeong Lee Jung in Episode 3.

This multimedia project was our first work as a collective. During a collaboration with the performer Valerie Taejeong Lee Jung in Amsterdam we produced live recordings that would be later re-worked into a web-series, curated by Débora Levy. The end-product were three episodes broadcasted by Radial Gallery (Madrid, New York) where we combined our interests for science fiction and party cultures. In this series of transmissions we drew on fleeting images and notions around the ideas of space exploration, health and the new folk knowledge of allegedly scientific genetic studies.

Each episode of Orientation-Induction-Launch was additionally viewable at undisclosed times throughout the duration of the intervention, at the following address:


Image 3. Physical display from the project Orientation-Induction-Launch.

Episode 1: Orientation

Episode 2: Induction

Episode 3: Launch

Gamified music session

Interactive experience after the webseries.

Image 4. Still from the game experience for PC.

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